Andrew S. Waterman


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Coursework at Berkeley

Spring 2015
Math 228B: Numerical Solution to Differential Equations

Fall 2013
Math 228A: Numerical Solution to Differential Equations

Fall 2010
CS 273: Foundations of Parallel and Distributed Systems

Fall 2009
CS 250: VLSI Systems Design
CS 294-48: Hardware Design Patterns

Spring 2009
CS 252: Computer Architecture
CS 267: Applications of Parallel Computers

Fall 2008
CS 262A: Advanced Topics in Computer Systems
CS 270: Combinatorial Algorithms and Data Structures

Graduate coursework at Duke

Spring 2008
ECE 259: Advanced Computer Architecture II

Fall 2007
ECE 216: Silicon Devices for Integrated Circuits
ECE 261: VLSI Systems
ECE 252: Advanced Computer Architecture I

Fall 2005
ECE 255: Performance and Reliability Analysis of Computer Systems