Vidya Muthukumar


Graduate Student, MS/PhD
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
University of California, Berkeley

Email: vidya [dot] muthukumar [at] eecs [dot] berkeley [dot] edu
Contact: BLISS Lab, 264 Cory Hall

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Code, etc: GitHub

About Me

I am a fourth year graduate student in the EECS Department at UC Berkeley. My advisor is Prof. Anant Sahai. My thesis committee members are Professors Jean Walrand, Peter Bartlett, and Shachar Kariv.

My broad interests are in game theory and statistical machine learning. My research applies tools from statistics, online and reinforcement learning to the problem of strategic learning in non-zero-sum games, both in non-cooperative and cooperative environments. Applications of interest are security, enforcement, and resource sharing; particularly for AI agents.