Blue Moon Rendering Tools: User Guide

version 2.4

revised 19 September 1998

Larry I. Gritz

Blue Moon Systems
200 Kimblewick Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20904


  1. Introduction
  2. Making RIB with libribout.a
  3. Wireframe Previews with rendribv
    (rendribv is no longer part of BMRT -- use "rgl -lines" instead)
  4. Previewing with rgl
  5. Photorealistic Rendering with rendrib
  6. Shading Language Compiler, slc
  7. Miscellaneous Tools and Goodies
  8. Using BMRT as a "ray server" for PRMan

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All BMRT components are Copyright 1990-1998 by Larry I. Gritz. All rights reserved.

The RenderMan Interface Procedures and RIB Protocol are: Copyright 1988, 1989, Pixar. All rights reserved. RenderMan is a registered trademark of Pixar.