University of California, Berkeley
EECS Dept, CS Division
Jordan Smith SLIDE: Scene Language for
Interactive Dynamic Environments
Prof. Carlo H. Séquin

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SLIDE Final Project Score Sheet -- Fall 2004

This score sheet is intended to give you a rough idea of how much work you need to do to get a good grade on the final project. We have tried to list categories of problems that you might want to tackle in your project. Then for each category we tried to rank what we feel are reasonable solutions to those problems. You do not have to score points from every category to get a good grade. The best final projects will probably be of the form where the group has really excelled in one or two categories and also done some effort in the other categories to make a cohesive scene. The key of course is to have a well integrated, dynamic, and interactive scene. In fact, if your result does not run in an efficient manner, it will be hard for us to grade it at all.

The following is our estimated grading table. The points on the left are intended to be a rough guide line to you as to what we are looking for. We will not necessarily be grading your project in such an objective way. Instead the project as a whole will be given a grade.

A+ 120 - 200
A 110 - 119
A- 100 - 109
B+ 90 - 99
B 80 - 89
B- 70 - 79
C+ 60 - 69
C 50 - 59
C- 40 - 49
D+ 30 - 39
D 20 - 29
D- 10 - 19
F 0 - 9
Category Points
Models 40 max    
Static (sweep with twist) 10    
Procedural (sweep w. ctrl.pts; fractal terrain) 20    
Articulated (spider with six 2-piece legs) 30    
Locomotion 40 max    
Sliding (3DOF on plane) 10    
Flying (6DOF in R3) 15    
Rolling (no visible slipping) 20    
Hopping (parabolic trajectory) 25    
Walking (like stick-leg "ant" in demo) 30    
Walking without Slipping (like "BugsLife") 40    
Terrain Following 40 max    
Non-axis-aligned plane 5    
Mathematic Functions (height field z(x,y)) 10    
Spline Curve (roller coaster) 20    
Spline Surface (Klein bottle or "ant" demo) 30    
Fractal Mountains (or cratered moon) 35    
Stairs (like "BugsLife" pyramid) 35    
M.C. Escher (3D maze, criss-crossing stairs) 40    
Collision Detection 40 max    
Approx. Coll. Avoidance with Static Obstacles 20    
Approx. Coll. Avoidance with Dynamic Obstacles 25    
Approx. Coll. Detection causing Deformations 30    
Hard Collisions with OK Reaction Forces 40    
User Interface 40 max    
Multiple Cameras 10    
Steerable Cameras 20    
Nice Lighting Controls 20    
Slider Controlled Objects 15    
2D Steerable Objects 25    
3D Steerable Objects 35    
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