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Jordan Smith SLIDE: Scene Language for
Interactive Dynamic Environments
Prof. Carlo H. Séquin

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SLIDE "It's A Bug's Life" Project

David Cheng and James Chow

Spring 1999

In this project, four articulated "ant" models follow each other around the scene. The three following ants are instanced through TCL commands and are slightly different from each other. The user is given control over the lead ant's arms, torso, and head.

Selecting a position on the map in the upper-right controls the destination of the first ant. The others follow at a "lag" distance behind the ant in front of it. The user may modify this "lag" distance, as well as the velocities, through the TK widget on the side. The ants travel on steps and hilly terrain using key-framed inverse-kinematics. The hilly terrain is modeled mathmatically with cosine functions.

There are multiple viewpoints: a circling gnat, the characters themselves, a third-person perspective, and an overhead view. Each camera can be rotated and zoomed with the mouse.

Character names and images displayed in TK widget are property of Pixar Animation Studios and Disney.

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