University of California, Berkeley
EECS Dept, CS Division
Jordan Smith SLIDE: Scene Language for
Interactive Dynamic Environments
Prof. Carlo H. Séquin

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Some Creative Test Scenes

There is no particular rhyme or reason to my choices here, other than that I picked things that would look good in a still picture. There were a lot of models that looked great dynamically but just didn't work as a still. (For example, I really like the randomly moving fish scene.)

Please let me know if I have any of the attributions wrong and I'll fix them right away.

Spring 1998 Assignment 5

Tim James
Geoffrey Soh

A lovely scene of pirates walking planks and fish jumping out of the water.

Eric Chan
Jonathan Ko

More pirates, more plank walking. This time with waving swords and a circling shark.

Spring 1998 Assignment 6

Brian Lee
Andrew Koay

This robot has a very nice, natural walking motion, if a somewhat psychedelic color scheme.

Alan Wong
Jason Wu

The X-wing's S-foils open and close and the engine turns from red to green as the craft swoops forward and backward.

Mike Goff
Sarah Gordon

The articulated blades really make this helicopter fun.

Jonathan Ko
Eric Chan

This one really does look better in motion, but still makes a pretty neat image. [an error occurred while processing this directive]