SLIDE Status


Current Status

Camera UI
02/17/2000 David Condense 5 camera modes to 3: CAD, Fly, and Explore.
  David Rotation of lights with respect to camera motion depends on mode

02/07/00 Jane Fix interface from command line.

02/02/00 Jane Added slide create & delete. Updated web page.
03/17/00 Jane Added tentative slide modify for polylines.

Primitive Objects
02/03/00 Jane beziercurve - change syntax so user doesn't have to specify an order.
02/03/00 Jane sweep - add orientation flag to cross section.

03/03/00 Jane sweep - add option for capping ends, uses centroid (render, stl output).
03/03/00 Jane cone - update stl output.
03/03/00 Jane Add "slide create" comands for polyline, bsplinecurve, & sweep.
03/04/00 Jane sweep - cap ends with general face algorithm (render, stl output, sif).
03/04/00 Jane polyline - fix bug when there only 2 points.
03/08/00 Jane sweep - fixed end caps for non-simple cross sections.
03/08/00 Jane sweep - added texture mapping.
03/08/00 Jane polyline - fixed warplist bug.

03/17/00 Jane sweeps - only calculate end caps when told.
03/17/00 Jane render - added mergeepsilon.


To Do

Camera UI
  David Update the SLIDE web page.

  Jane Selection of points, edges, and faces.
  Jane Restructure SLIDE GUI with itcl.
  Jane CAD vs MOVIE mode.

  Jane Add slide set, slide get, slide options

Primitive Objects
  Jane sweep - fix path warp association.
  Jane sweep - allow multiple cross sections.
  Jane sweep - improve web page.
  ??? sphere - update stl output.

Last modified 2/3/00