CS268, Spring 2013: Graduate Computer Networks

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4/21: Confirming the reading assignment for 04/24
The only required reading for 04/24 is the LoCal paper. You DO need to turn in a review for this paper.
4/9: Updates to the reading list and assignment for 04/15
Please note the updated reading list for the lecture on 04/15. As explained on piazza, you do NOT need to turn in individual reviews for these papers. Instead, send me a 2-3 paragraph (longer is welcome, shorter isn't) answer to the following two questions (1) what do you think will be the biggest problem that the field of networking will face in the coming 10-15 years? and (2) what is the key research question we can/should tackle to address this problem? The lectures on 04/15 and 04/24 will center on your responses so be prepared to discuss the question you raise. Think BIG!

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CS268 is a graduate level course in computer networks. The course involves both a reading/lecture/discussion component and a project component. We will read about 50 research papers on various aspects of computer networking: internetworking principles, LAN/WAN technologies, routing, congestion control, measurement, management, multicast, router design. Students are expected to read papers before the class, submit a one page summary for each paper, and participate in the discussion during the class. Lectures will be conducted in an interactive fashion and everyone is expected to participate. You will be graded for both the paper summaries and class discussion.


Your final grade for the course will be based on the following weights:

A major component of this course, both in terms of your grade and your time, is a term project. The project in CS268 is an open-ended research project. The goal is to investigate new research ideas and solutions. The project requires a proposal, a project update (presented in class), and a final report (both written and presented).

Each student will present and lead the discussion on one reading assignment from the syllabus.

For each paper you read you are required to provide a short review (one or two paragraphs). You will have to review no more than two papers per class. The goal of these reviews is to help you synthetise the main ideas and concepts presented in each paper. Email reviews to me (sylvia AT cs), with the subject line ``cs268-Review-$lecturedate$-$firstauthor$'' where $lecturedate$ is in the standard MMDDYY format and $firstauthor$ is the last name of the first author. Reviews are due by 9pm the night before the lecture.



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