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Computer Science Division
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley CA, 94720

« About me

I'm in the final year of the Ph.D. program in Computer Science here at Berkeley, where I am in Prof. David Culler's group.

« Current Projects

Buildings are an interesting area, and a key focus of the LoCal project. I have been looking at systems for collecting and managing the tens of thousands of streams of data through the sMAP project, the Simple Measurment and Action Profile. I have recently released a complete revision of the specification and implementation here; This portal is the best place to get started looking at data.

I also work on the networking third of "wireless sensor networks." Many architectural changes have been driven recently by the adoption of IP as a unifying architecture and ongoing standardization effors in the IETF. To explore some of these issues, I've developed blip, an IPv6 stack for embedded devices using TinyOS. blip-2.0 is an ongoing project which is being released with in version 2.1.2 and supports the 6lowpan and roll standards like HC and RPL.

« Software

My general approach is to write software to explore the underlying issues in a particular system. Sometimes this becomes a useful artifact.

sMAP is an effort to make stream/time-series processing for physical data really easy.

readingdb is a reasonably-well optimized storage engine for time-series data, used by sMAP.

BLIP 2.0 is an IPv6 architecture for TinyOS. It includes a 6loWPAN compression driver and IP routing system which I wrote, and implementations of RPL and PPP contributed by others. It is a follow-on to BLIP, which implemented an earlier version of HC and a prototype centralized/distributed routing protocol called HYDRO.

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« Invited Talks

October 26, 2012. sMAP: Simple Measurement and Actuation for Open Buildings. UC Berkeley i4Energy Seminar Series. [pptx]  [pdf]  [video]
September 6, 2012. sMAP: Simple Measurement and Actuation for Integrating and Managing Physical Data. UC Berkeley Ubiquitous Swarm Lab Seminar Series.
September 30, 2011. sMAP: Integrating and Storing Physical Data. LBL Environmental Energy Technologies Division Seminar Series.

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I try to follow CS blogs where I can; here are some of the ones I read.

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I've recently been quoted in the popular press. Feeling tense? Have a look at this soothing video I made. One take on research.

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