Sang Min Han


Berkeley Laboratory for Information and System Sciences

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

University of California, Berkeley

264 Cory Hall


한상민 is my name in Korean.

I am Prof. Martin Wainwright's acting secretary. There is a nonzero probability that I can help you find him.

I am also a second year MS/PhD student in EECS at UC Berkeley advised by Prof. Thomas Courtade. I am broadly interested in optimization and signal processing. I am very grateful to the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship for helping me survive in the Bay Area as a graduate student.

I received my BS in ECE from Cornell in 2015 and graduated from TJHSST in 2011.


Please see my Google Scholar page.


I like to teach.


I worked as a Graduate Student Instructor for:

  • SP17: Signals and Systems (EE 120)


I worked as an undergraduate Teaching Assistant/grader for:

  • FA14: Introduction to Probability and Inference for Random Signals and Systems (ECE 3100)

  • SP14: Signals and Information (ECE 2200)