K. Shankari's Homepage

I am a fourth year PhD student in the Computer Science Department at UC Berkeley. My research interests are in sustainable systems - in other words, in using Computer Systems techniques and concepts to make Physical Infrastructure Systems smarter and more sustainable. My advisors are Randy Katz and David Culler, and I am associated with the RISE and BETS labs.

My primary project is e-mission - which is a tool to understand human travel patterns. In particular, we would like to use the tool to capture the "dark matter of transportation" - non-motorized trips, trips that are hard to distinguish using standard spatio-temporal characteristics, and the user experience of the trip, which is important and does not fit standard metrics developed for single occupant vehicles.

Project links

The project source code is hosted on github under an open source BSD license. A version of the apps from summer 2014, which collect data through an integration with a third-party data collection app called Moves, are available on the google play store and the iOS app store respectively. Aggregate data from the ongoing data collection is available on the project website.


Conference/invited Talks

Internal Talks

These are mostly talks at various retreats, but having them collected in one place makes it easy to refer back to them, and to the evolution in my thoughts :)


In Spring 2015, Prof. Culler taught, and I TAed a course on IT for sustainability. The course was an experiment in scaling up the undergraduate research assistant concept 10-fold. The Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS) ran a nice story on the class and I wrote a blog article with some more details and an evaluation.