Our Chairman, Prof. Randy Katz, was recently [July 1997] interviewed by two HS students for a history term project they were doing on "the PC revolution."

Here is what they had to say about Soda Hall in this context:

Visitation: Soda Hall, UC Berkeley

In our interview with Mr. Randy Katz, we went into Soda Hall, an extremely famous building which facilitates UC Berkeley's computer science classes and offices. We were told that this building is pretty new, made less than a decade ago, and it looks that way when viewed from the outside. All the buildings around it are run down and practically ancient, yet Soda Hall's emerald green marble walls stand out and impress anyone who passes by them. The building has six floors, the third floor being the entrance level floor. The inside is what fascinated us the most. The walls are red and look as if it is an area made for kids. Each office, such as Dr. Katz's office, was as small as a dorm, with room only for a desk and a few filing cabinets.

What goes on inside this building is what got us interested. Every place you sat, there would be a group of "nerds" discussing their strategy for their program. One would suggest an idea, but the other would refute it, stating why, and what another solution might be. Soda Hall is an area with computer genius at work. Wether trying to pass a final exam or developing a new operating system, the students in Soda Hall are serious about their goals. This building may not be a historical monument as of yet, but it is in a current state of gaining its monumental degree, if persistence is kept.