Part Description and Specifications for
"Monkey-Saddle Hexagon"

This is a toroidal ring of six 3rd order saddles. This was the first collaborative sculpture between Brent Collins and Carlo Séquin.



This part was generated with Carlo Séquin's sculpture generator, using the following settings:


This part is a geometrical scale model for a sculpture that I have developed jointly with Brent Collins, a wood sculptor living in Gower, Missouri. It might get exhibited together with its corresponding wood sculpture in an exhibit later this year.

This experiment is also part of a research program sponsored by NSF to streamline the process of rapid prototyping of free form parts, by defining a clean interface between designers and fabricators.

Fabrication Hints

The scale or strength of this model is not critical; it can be scaled so as to fit optimally a particular process or some remaining space in a run of a larger piece. The STL files describe a part with a diameter (in x) of 6.32 units and a thickness (in y) of 2.58 units. The surface walls are 0.12 units thick. Ideally we would like a part several inches in diameter.

Orientation is not critical either. However, for a layered manufacturing process (SLA, SLS, etc), it might be best to turn the object 90 degrees around the x-axis, thereby giving the part minimal height, and preserving its 3-fold symmetry ideally. The part is front-to-back symmetrical.

Part Description Files:

Compressed ASCII .STL file: hexmonkey.stl.gz (1.22MB)

The compressed file can be downloaded from our anonymous FTP site with:
ftp {login as "anonymous"; use your full e-mail address as password.}
Then change directory: cd ucb/projects/unigrafix/STL
Fetch the desired file: get hexmonkey.stl.gz
The file can be uncompressed with: gunzip hexmonkey.stl.gz .

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