Part Description and Specifications for
"Chinese Button Knot"

A square rod with only 90-degree bends in the topology of a Chinese Button Knot.


This is version # 1 of a tight packing of the Chinese Button Knot given the constraint of a rectilinear, axis-aligned path. The piecewise linear path was generated by hand, and the prismatic shape around it was generated by the program "ugworm."


This part was specifically designed to test the feature detection capability of some of the CyberCut software for fabrication of this part on a 3-axis milling machine.

This experiment is part of a research program sponsored by NSF to streamline the process of rapid prototyping of free form parts, by defining a clean interface between designers and fabricators.

Fabrication Hints

The orientation, scale or strength of this model is not critical; it can be scaled so as to fit optimally a particular process or some remaining space in a run of a larger piece. The .STL description currently spans a cube of about 12x12x12 units.

When implementing this shape with an SLS process, one might consider a process variant that solidifies the surface only in order to reduce the amount of fusing that has to be done.

Part Description Files:

The original UniGrafix description is in /home/barad-dur/h/ugfx/sequin/UG/CBKNOT/

An STL description of the part can be found here.
Or it can be downloaded from our anonymous FTP site:

Large compressed files can be downloaded from our anonymous FTP site with:
ftp {login as "anonymous"; use your full e-mail address as password.}
Then change directory: cd ucb/projects/unigrafix/STL
Fetch desired files: get rf8kh4.stl.gz
The rf8kh4.stl.gz file can be uncompressed with gunzip.

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