Visualization of the Sphere Eversion 
using a process similar to the one by Bernard Morin and Nelson Max
(Models by Alex Kozlowski and Carlo H. Séquin)

_Step #0: The starting Sphere -- green on the outside, red on the inside.

MorSeq01.jpg (105938 bytes)_Step #1: push the South Pole through the North Pole

MorSeq02.jpg (125861 bytes)_Step #2: Pinch the red South Pole bulge to push its front to the back, and vice versa.

MorSeq03.jpg (124894 bytes)_Step #3: Continue the process of bulging out to the front and back, now seen from below.

MorSeq04.jpg (138860 bytes)_Step #4": Start to twist the figure-8 shaped "inner tube" at the bottom.

MorSeq05.jpg (208929 bytes)_Step #5: Continue that twisting motion through about 270 degrees until the red ear drums start to face upwards.

MorSeq06A.jpg (170761 bytes)_MorSeq06.jpg (128690 bytes)_MorSeq06B.jpg (134355 bytes)_Step #6: We are at the half-way point; this is the famous Morin surface !

MorSeq07R5.jpg (116889 bytes)_Step #7: Push the red tube crossing the top downwards to get to the equivalent twisted state of Step #5.

MorSeq08R4.jpg (61093 bytes)_Step #8: The twist of the red "inner tube" is being reduced.

MorSeq09R3s.jpg (44715 bytes)_MorSeq09R3t.jpg (39579 bytes)_Step #9: The un-twisting motion has been completed; result from above and below.

MorSeq10R2.jpg (41807 bytes)_Step #10: The front and back bulges are being retracted, to make a simple green hump at the top.

MorSeq11R1.jpg (60994 bytes)_Step #11: Almost done, we just need to retract the green bulge down to the South Pole.

MorSeq12R0.jpg (37468 bytes)_Step #12: The sphere has been turned inside out.

We are in the process of making physical models for all these steps:

Model3Fbr.JPG (100717 bytes)_Model3Ebr.JPG (97473 bytes)_ A first, not all-too-successful attempt at building a physical model of Step #3.

MorSeq3Sl.jpg (434358 bytes)_MorSeq3Pd.jpg (331674 bytes)_ A more robust model with thicker struts of Step #3 in the sequence.

Model2BrkA.jpg (162468 bytes)_Model2BrkB.jpg (161369 bytes)_ A model of Step #2 in the build phase.

Morin_RGh.JPG (698825 bytes)_ A successful model of the half-way point (Morin surface) in a different, fully gridded style.

MorinRGcut.jpg (394844 bytes)_MorinRGcutPd.jpg (353149 bytes)_ And a cut-away model of the same step to show what happens inside the lobes.