"Whirled White Web" -- The Name

Coming up with a name was a collaborative effort by e-mail that took several days.
We considered many different combinations of some key words:
Snowflower, Winter Rose, Winter Whirl, Wild White Whirl, Webbed Wild Whirl, Whirled Wild Web ...
until Stan hit on the perfect homonym: "Whirled White Web".

At first, we just saw it as a clever pun; but upon further contemplation,
we realized that this name was more than just a word play,
and that the sculpture actually was a symbolic representation
of an essential aspect of the electronic World Wide Web.
Like this global network, the ridges of our sculpture span the outer perimeters
of the whole "globe", and at the same time come close together in the central hole.
It illustrates how the WWW can draw together people from all over the world.

When the structure collapsed under the blazing sun, shortly after the judging,
someone extended our pun and joked that the Web was brought down by a virus.


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