"Whirled White Web"

Team Biography
Stan Wagon is a mathematician at Macalester College in St. Paul. He and Dan Schwalbe
(a software engineer in Minneapolis) return for a fifth time to this event.
They are joined by Brent Collins, a renowned sculptor from Missouri who works mostly in wood and
his collaborator Carlo Séquin, a professor of computer graphics at the University of California at Berkeley.
Collins' artistic intuitions have led to designs that relate geometry to the forms seen in nature.
Séquin expresses such geometry as constructive algorithms and then extends the basic paradigm
to more complex designs. Their work has been shown at several exhibits and also helped
to represented the USA at the 1999 UNESCO World Conference of Science in Hungary.
Steve Reinmuth, who owns a foundry in Springfield, Oregon, and has cast most of Collins' art work,
also sculpts in bronze and designs and fabricates bronze bells with intriguing shapes and sounds.


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