Computer Aided Fast Fabrication Environments

This domain encompasses various projects concerning CAD tools that facilitate the rapid production of engineering parts such as prototypes, moulds, or "glue" parts for fixturing. The focus is on processes such as SFF (Solid Free-Form fabrication) or CyberCut.

Rapid Prototyping Interface for 3D Solid Parts

Principal Investigators: Carlo H. Séquin and Paul K. Wright

Sponsored by NSF.

CyberCut: A Networked Manufacturing Service

Principal Investigators: Paul Wright and Carlo H. Séquin

Sponsored by NSF.

UC Berkeley RacerX Project

Principal Investigators: Shankar Sastry and Carlo H. Séquin

Research toward CAD systems that will automate shape synthesis for mechanical parts. The CAD system user inputs high-level features and global part attributes and the program automatically creates a corresponding part geometry.

Some References to Prototyping Methods and SFF Processes

People Behind the Scene

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