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"Graduate Student Instructor Practicum"

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CS 301: GSI Practicum


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The goal is to bring out your full potential to be a really good GSI.
At the same time this course is a resource and a support group to help with the difficult parts of your job.

The class runs through the first 10 weeks of the semester.
The Friday classes consist of discussions and of presentations by invited experienced teachers and GSI's.
Attendance in these classes is mandatory.

A few homework assignments concern observing each other in action in discussion sessions, and discussing these observations.

There is also an EE 301 -- that course might be more suitable for you, if you are teaching for CS 150.

For more preliminary information, see previous offering in Spring 2005 by Mike Clancy

TEXTBOOK:  "Tools for Teaching" by Barbara Gross Davis, Jossey-Bass 2001.

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