CS 301 -- GSI Practicum

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Friday, September 30, 2005,  2:10pm-3:30pm, in 320 Soda Hall. 

Sharing your GSI experiences:
Discussion of isues that came up in your sessions.

Guest Lecture by Dan Garcia

Kinesthetic Learning Activities (QwikiWiki)

PPT Slides used by Dan Garcia

Dan also suggests reading: "Confessions of an Engineering Washout"

Remaining Questions on Videotaping  ( Pushkar Joshi )

Forming the Teams of Three

Form teams of three. These teams will jointly attend and tape 3 discussion sessions -- one each of each member of the team.
During thse recordings they will cyclically rotate through three functions:   -- GSI / Session teacher -- Camera Operator / Taper  -- Note taker / Scribe

All videotaping has to occur in the next three weeks -- before October 15.
All groups must meet among themselves within 5 days after recording a video, discuss that particular session and fill out a Post-observation Goal Sheet.
Hand in those Goal Sheets  as soon as possible, but definitely before October 21.
At a later time, each team will make a summary presentation for Pushkar and/or Carlo. ( 3 tapes, 10-15 min. each).

Form Teams of 3 before Tuesday 9/27/05

Forms (mentioned above):

Description of the Videotaping Program
Pre-videotaping Checklist for Consultants
Post-videotaping Checklist for Consultants
Post-videotaping Goal Setting

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