CS 301 -- GSI Practicum

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Friday, September 16, 2005,  2:10pm-3:30pm, in 320 Soda Hall. 

Informal Discussion: How did it go this week?
Discussion of your experiences in your sessions.

A Reminder:

As a GSI you must complete the online “Professional Standards and Ethics” course within the first three weeks of classes.

GSIs' rights and benefits under the contract bargained between UC and UAW 2865.

The collective bargaining agreement between the University and the United Auto Workers (UAW)
A presentation by a representative of the Academic Student Employee Union (UAW 2865) -- Delayed till next week.

Collaborative Learning (Guest Lecture by Brian Harvey)

In preparation for this discussion:

Read handout: "Essential Elements: What Makes it Work?"
from: "Approaches to Implementing Cooperative Learning" by D.W Johnson and R.T. Johnson.


Fill out the  Feedback Questionnaire for CS 301 - Week 4 

-- either on paper and bring it to class on September 23;
-- or on-line, and e-mail it to sequin before Sept. 23.

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