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"Seminar on Self-Assembly"

An Emerging Set of Links to Related Web Pages

Space Structures

Biomimetics (Europen Space Agency)

Research statement by Wei-Min Shen

MultiShady: A Bipartite Heterogeneous Unit Modular Self-Reconfigurable Robot for Assembling Space Trusses

The Tensegrity-Truss as a Model for Spine Mechanics: Biotensegrity by Dr. Stephen M. Levin

Truss Structures -- by UniStates Corporation

Robotic Space Workers of the Future

Graph Grammars for Self Assembling Robotic Systems by E. Klavins

Modular Components and Connectors

The Construction Site -- Blocks and building toys
In particular: K'nexKnupferliPolydronGeoFixLEGOStraws,   ZomeZoob, ...

Connecting outlet plates

"...Silicon Latching Snap Fasteners for Micro Assembly"  (PDF)

"Reconnectable Joints for Self-Reconfigurable Robots"  (PDF)

Robotics Components

Biomimetic self-assembly of a functional asymmetrical electronic device

CotsBots: Sarah Bergbreiter's MS work on inexpensive robots.
PolyBots: similar modules from Xerox PARC.

Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)

A list of self-assembly technologies for MEMS compiled by William J. Holtz in 2002 for EECS 290G (micro-robotics).

A review in SCIENCE by George Whitesides -- Clearifies terminology and gives a vision of where self-assembly is headed.

George Whitesides' group website and publication list

"Towards the self-assembly of arbitrary 3-D structures"  Presentation by William J. Holtz (2003) It summarizes definitions of self-assembly from the literature and gives a vision of what is necessary for the next leap in self-assembly.

Smartdust Research Overview

"Out-of-Plane Motion of Assembled Microstructures ..." Paper by M. Last, V. Subramaniam, K.S.J. Pister


Nano Assembly, Dictionary and Links

Micro and Nano Assembly at Zyvex

Moletronics: Transforming Nanotechnology and Nanocomputers from Vision to Reality

NASA and Self-Replicating Systems: Implications for Nanotechnology

Art Olson's work on a self-assembling virus model. See the 2nd movie on this page (yellow pieces in jar)

Complexity Theory

Santa Fe Institute is the leader in the area of complexity theory

The complexity theory simulator developed at Santa Fe, called Swarm

A good paper from the Santa Fe Institute on simulating stigmergic a system

AI, Cooperative Agents, Life ...

Simulation of Self-Replication

Biomimicry: Technology inspired by Nature

Robotics: Self-replication from random parts

"Signs of Life" by Sole and Goodwin, a good introduction to biological complexity, including swarm behavior.

A good introductory paper to the theory of self-organizing systems

Swarm-Bots -- (work overview and links)

Cellular Aspects of Pattern Formation: "The Problem of Assembly" by Gary W. Grimes & Karl J. Aufderheide
UCB library call number: BIOS QH491.G75 1991  (Short book for biology oriented people)

General Concepts

Self-Assembly of Nanosystems and Microsystems

Thoughts and References on Self-Assembly by David Garmire


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