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"Seminar on Self-Assembly"

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1. Catalog Entry and Schedule

EECS 298: Seminar on Self-Assembly


2. Latest Course Description

Group Study on Systems Suitable for Unsupervised (Self-)Assembly

Ron Fearing, Kris Pister, Carlo H. Séquin

In this seminar series we will explore structures and algorithms for unsupervised self-assembly in nature
as well as in engineering, from the molecular level to large space structures such as radio telescopes.

Through a combination of selected readings and discussion, and through presentations by various experts in this field,
we plan to discover common paradigms at the geometric, kinematic, and algorithmic levels and gain an understanding
how such paradigms can be carried from nature to biomechanical and engineering applications.

Ideally, the result would be one or more white papers for further research,
which may then form the basis for future proposals for funding in this area.


3. Initial Questions -- Some Food for Thought:

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