CS 294-3: RAPID PROTOTYPING -- Fall 2000

Some Early Tangible Results

(2,5) Torus Knot by Tien Tan

Doubly Split Trefoil Knot by Francois Labelle

Early parts made on the Z-corp 3D color printer.

List of the parts made in this class.

Emerging Final Project Parts

Tien Tan's first model of the Morin surface - the half-way point of a sphere eversion.
Other views: closer - - flipped - - top - - bottom
An early "solid" model made on the FDM machine.

Tien Tan's second model of the Morin surface - using the "Root 3" subdivision.
Other views: top - - bottom - - side - - flipped - - the tunnel - - zoom in

Hairong Zou's model of a cell-first parallel projection of the 4D 120-cell regular polytope.
Three views of the computer model: thru a face - - thru a vertex - - thru an edge
The 6-inch part made on the Z-Corp machine: oblique angle - - aligned view - - close-up

Francois Labelle's 3D Graph Models
<--- A 5 by 5 toroidal surface, - and FDM model - - common torus view - - inside-out view
Tutte's 8-cage graph FDM

Jane Yen's Hollow Escher Spheres
Model of the part to be built on the ZCorp machine

Chen Shen's and Ling Huang's Woven Shapes
<--- The first test part - - a genus-3 surface - - close-up view

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