Lecture #5 -- Sep. 29, 2000.

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Discussion of Old Assignments

Discussion of: "Layered Manufacturing of Thin-Walled Parts"

QuickSlice -- Advanced Modes

Designing parts with SLIDE using Boolean set operations

Entering the FDM Machine at the SSL Level

Homework Assignment:

A#5: Design a Part with SLIDE using Booleans

We discovered lots of "systems problems" with the "chsugrad" account, with scp not working from tiramisu, weird behavior of SLIDE and the parser of the Slicer...
So here is some detailed guidance how you can get around these nasty quirks: These are the snags that we have come across in trying to run this software pipeline from different machines.
There may be other ones -- please let us know, and we will disseminate the "work-arounds."

Sorry for the inconvenience -- but this is life in a heterogeneous environment ...

You don't actually have to build your part
-- unless you have a neat design and you would like to see it.
Otherwise, it is sufficient to run your SSL files through QuickSlice,
and then inspect them to see whether you got what you expected.

Please hand in on Friday an ISO-plot of your collection of SSL curves
captured from the QuickSlice display window.

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