CS 285: PROCEDURAL MODELING,  Syllabus Fall 2007

Algorithms and Data Structures for Procedural Design,
Solid Modeling, and Rapid Prototyping.


Basic Topics

The Design/Modeling/Prototyping Process
Introduction to SLIDE and Tcl
Interactive Parametric Procedural Design: Sculpture Generator 1
Generalized Sweeps
3D Symmetry Groups
Representations for Solid Modeling
Data Structures for CAD/Graphics Systems
Layered Manufacturing

Additional Topics and Applications (Possible Papers to be studied)

(This list will be narrowed down and tailored to the interests of the class participants).

Curless and Levoy: "A Volumetric Method for Building Complex Models"
Lorensen and Klein: "Marching Cubes: A High-Resolution 3D Surface Construction Algorithm"
Triangulation and Tetrahedralization (Jonathan Shewchuk)
Shimida and Gossard: “Automatic Triangular Meshing of Non-Manifold Geometry by Sphere Packing.”
Frisken et.al.: "Adaptively Sampled Distance Fields"
Weyrich et al.: “Digital Bas-Relief from 3D Scenes”
Sederberg and Parry: "Free-Form Deformation of Solid Geometry Models"
FiberMesh: “Designing Free-form Surfaces with 3D Curves”
Fisher et al.: “Design of Tangent Vector Fields
Fractals and Fractal Landscapes
"An Introduction to Lindemayer Systems" (+ Work by P. Prusinkiewicz)
Xu and Kaplan: “Image-Guided Maze Construction”
Karl Sims: "Evolving Virtual Creatures"
Genetic Algorithms in Engineering
Parish and Mueller: "Procedural Modeling of Cities"
Desbrun and Gascuel: "Animating Soft Substances with Implicit Surfaces"
Wei and Levoy: "Texture Synthesis over Arbitrary Manifold Surfaces"
Procedural Surface Optimization
Comparison of Rapid Prototyping Methods for Layered Manufacturing
McMains, Smith, Wang, and Séquin, "Layered Manufacturing of Thin-Walled Parts."

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