Meeting #30 -- Thursday May 18, 2000, 9:10am-12noon.

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  • Finish your course project.
  • Write your final report.
  • Prepare your visuals and rehearse your talk.

    Final Project Report

    Every team must submit final project documentation;
    these reports are due Thursday May 18, 2000, 9:10am.

    The reports should address pretty much the same issues that are listed for the "Final Project Presentations" below.
    Obviously a lot of material (such as figures) can be used for both purposes. But please turn your "bulleted PowerPoint slides" into textual paragraphs and add more technical details, such as mathematical derivations, crucial code fragments, or detailed construction drawings (as applicable).

    Please bring a hardcopy of your report to the presentation session, so that I can make annotations on it during your talk.
    The typical report should be between 5 and 10 pages long.

    You are encouraged to make your report visible on the Web, so that I can link to it and let other people enjoy the fruits of your work.

    Final Project Presentations

  • Single-person projects get 12 minutes,
  • Two-person projects get 15 minutes,
  • The following points should be addressed:

    Presentation Order:

    Joint Lunch at LaVals

    As a thank-you for all your contributions to this course.

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