CS 284: CAGD, Fall 2006:  Course Projects

Projects can be done alone or in a team of two.

Phase 1: Submit two (possibly vague) project ideas -- Due Date: Thur. 10/19/2006

Hand in or e-mail: a descriptive paragraph for each one, for a discussion with me and to get some feedback.

Some ideas for possible projects...

Phase 2: Definite Project Proposal -- Due Date: Thursday 10/26/2006, before Midnight

E-mail me:  a 0.5 to 1.0 page description of your chosen project. Specify:

Phase 3: Formal Project Proposal Presentation --  11/02/2006

This should be a short (5 minutes), formal, audio-visual presentation,
-- like for a "Venture Capitalist Rally" or for a "NSF Research Review Panel."
Key point is to convince your peers that your project makes sense in an academic R&D environment.
Clearly define:

Phase 4: Formal Project Presentation --  12/05 and 12/07/2006

10-15 minutes formal, audio-visual presentation, discussing progress and main results of your project.

Phase 5: Formal Project Proposal Demonstration --  T.B.A. 

Sign up for a 15 minute time slot on the sign-up sheet on my door: Final delivery of all project-related material:
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