CS 284: CAGD 
Lecture #8 -- Th 9/21, 2006.

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Read: Rockwood pp 93-117: B-Spline Curve


Topic:  B-Splines

The deBoor Algorithm (= deCasteljau for B-splines)

Multi Segmented B-Splines

B-Spline Basis Functions

The Behavior of B-Splines

Non-uniform B-Splines

Reading Assignments:

Review again: Rockwood pp. 94-117: B-Splines
Study handout: B+B+B: Effect of Knot Multiplicities
Preview Rockwood Chapter 8: pp 133-151: Surfaces  ( -- we will talk about rational curves later)

New Homework Assignment: Construct a Parameterized Bell

Your task is to design a curved thin (metal) surface of finite thickness that has a chance of emitting a nice sound when struck and used as a bell.
There are many different ways in which such a surface could be defined: Some possible approaches to composing a Bell shape.
For this assignment you should concentrate of using a sweep in some form and using some spline for either the cross secition or for the guide curve, or for both.
There should be from 3 to 5 parameters with wich you can change the shape of the bell interactively without loosing continuity in the overall surface.
Let yourself be inspired by this collection of pictures and references, but keep your shape simple!

Create a SLIDE file with all parameters set to their preferred values.
Capture your design pictorially using the screen saver.

DUE: Thu. 9/28/2006, 2:10pm.

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