CS 284: CAGD 
Lecture #20 -- Th 11/2, 2006.

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5-minute formal Project Proposal Presentations: "Venture Capitalist Rally" -- How to get the "gold".

Format: Content:
Presentation order, time table, and score sheet

Reading Assignments:

DS'03:  Discrete Shells
DO'06:  Discrete Shape Operators

New Homework Assignment:  Put your genus-L Surface through the Surface Evolver (Phase 2)

Convert your genus-L surface piece into the format of Brakke's Surface Evolver
and experiment with it.
Make sure the Evolver accepts your description and is willing to do something useful with it.
Looking at the manual, figure out how to set the boundary conditions so that the geometry at hand is a true fundamental domain of a smooth surface.
The final goal is to find the surface of lowest bending energy while maintaining the specified genus and symmetries,
but for this phase it is sufficent to get to the point where the Evolver is willing to refine and optimize your description!
To get started look in ~sequin/EVOLVER/Examples.htm for some sample files and pictures of runs.
For instance, in the file L3.fe, run the following commands in sequence: "s" "q" "gogo" "sx" -- that should give you the general idea.

DUE:  Tuesday, November 7, noon.

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