CS 184

Updated Course Description, Spring 2011

Techniques of modeling objects for the purpose of computer graphics rendering: Basic elements of the classical computer graphics rendering pipeline: Techniques to achieve photo-realistic rendering:


"Fundamentals of Computer Graphics" ( 2nd or 3rd Edition) by Peter Shirley et. al, A.K. Peters, 2005.

Other good books useful as permanent references:

"Interactive Computer Graphics: A Top-Down Approach with OpenGL" (3rd Edition) by Edward Angel.
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Publishing; ISBN: 020138597X;
This is typically bundled with:
"OpenGL: A Primer" by Edward Angel.
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Pub Co; ISBN: 0201741865; (2002)

Foley, vanDam, Feiner, Huges: "Computer Graphics", 2nd ed. in C, Addison Wesley, 1996.

KEY DATES (tentative):


The course grade will be based on a cumulative weighted score: The point scores will be converted into letter grades on a mostly pre-defined conversion curve that has been established over the last several teachings of this course.


Homeworks and projects have a hard due date (and time).
25% of the maximal score will be deducted for every day after the deadline.

There are no make-up opportunities for the exams.

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