Admission Guidelines Fall 2004

Most of our courses are overenrolled as usual, and some waiting lists are enormous.

Responsibility for admitting students into classes is centralized with CS staff. This is to ensure fair and uniform treatment for all. Faculty are not allowed to unilaterally admit students to any upper-division CS classes. The staff will check that all admitted students have declared an appropriate major, and have taken appropriate prerequisites. They will also handle appeals and special cases. Note, in particular, that CS policy does not allow *any* undeclared L&S student to take an upper-division CS course. (Many undeclared L&S students have taken our upper-division courses in the past and used those courses as a back door into our major.)

Student with questions about admission to a class should see Michael-David Sasson (msasson@cs, 379 Soda, 3-6002) after Wednesday 8/28. Appeal forms will be available at the CS office for students on the waiting list to plead for admission to CS courses. Students should turn in the completed forms to the CS office in 390. NOTE that *no one* will be admitted without being on the official Telebears waiting list for the class and without having turned in an appeal form. The deadline for students to turn in appeal forms is 5pm on Friday, September 6.

This policy will leave many students hanging in uncertainty whether they will be admitted to this course. This is unfortunate, but unavoidable. The CS administration will overload this class at the start to allow for the typical attrition that has occurred in previous years.

Personally I am willing to let everybody who meets the requirement -- and is willing to do the work -- have a go in this course.
Thus it is crucial that you start to do the assignments immediately, if you want to have a chance to be enrolled in this course.
If you miss out on the first few assignments, I take this as a sign that you have decided to take CS184 in another semester.
The admission process should be concluded during the third week of the semester.

The CS enrollment policy is described in one of the CS Division Web pages:
Useful information regarding the current procedures can also be found here: