Final Project Score Sheet -- Spring 2009

This score sheet is intended to give you a rough idea of how much work you need to do to get a good grade on the final project. We have tried to list categories of problems that you might want to tackle in your project. Then for each category we tried to rank what we feel are reasonable solutions to those problems. You do not have to score points from every category to get a good grade. The best final projects will probably be of the form where you have excelled in one or two categories and also done some effort in the other categories to make a cohesive scene.
The key of course is to have a well integrated scene with one clear technical focus.

The following is our estimated grading table. The points on the left are intended to be a rough guide line to you as to what we are looking for. We will not necessarily be grading your project in such a mathematical way. Instead the project as a whole will be given a grade.

A+ 120 - 200
A 110 - 119
A- 100 - 109
B+ 90 - 99
B 80 - 89
B- 70 - 79
C+ 60 - 69
C 50 - 59
C- 40 - 49
D+ 30 - 39
D 20 - 29
D- 10 - 19
F 0 - 9
 CATEGORY Points possible Student's rating Instructor's rating

CORE:  Models, Geometry 20 max

 Static (sweep with twist)  10

 Procedural (functional height field; Perlin noise)  15

 Articulated (spider with six 2-piece legs)  20

EXTENSION:  Models, Geometry 60 max

Fractal mountains  30

3D-Mazes  40

CC-subdiv, arbitrary genus  40

     and with proper texture coordinates 60

CORE:  Surface Decoration 20 max 

 Texture mapping 5

 Environment mapping 5

 Bump mapping    10

 Transparency  10

EXTENSION:  Surface Decoration 50 max 

 Displacement mapping 30

 A truly sophisticated shader 50

CORE:  Animation, Locomotion 20 max 

 Gliding, rotating, scaling, breating  5

 Undulating snake  10

 Hopping (parabolic trajectory) 10

 Walking (like stick-leg "ant" in demo) 15

 Walking without Slipping (like "BugsLife")  20

EXTENSION:  Locomotion, Simulation 60 max 

 Flocking behavior (of birds)  20

 Inverse kinematics 1 limb  20

 grabbing with multi-segment arm  40

 Walking on irregular terrain  60

 Quivering spring-mass jello  40

 Large, real-time, interactive spring-mass jello  60

 Interactive waving flag   60

 Approximate collision detection and prevention  40

 Reaction to collision (billiard)  60

CORE:  Interaction 20 max 

Multiple Cameras  5

Steerable Cameras  10

Nice Lighting Controls  10

Slider Controlled Objects  10

2D Steerable Objects  15

3D Steerable Objects  20

EXTENSION:  Interaction 50 max 

Movable target point for a vehicle or flock of birds  30

"Boxing kangaroo" (inverse kinematics + user interaction)  50

CORE:  Rendering 20 max 

 Switchable modes: Gouraud, Phong, ...  10

 Raytraced glass objects  10

 Accelerated ray-tracing  20

EXTENSION:  Rendering 60 max 


 Transparancy with depth sorting  20

 Real-time shadows  40


 Fog, etc  (participating media) 20

 Realistic reflective/refractive intenisites (Schlick approx.) 20

 Path-tracing    50

 Photon mapping (global illumination) 60