Final Project, Fall 2002

Create a dynamic scene with interactive controls using the SLIDE environment.
Individual pieces of geometry can be modeled with other CAD tools,
or can be generated in C++ or any programming language of your choice,
and then imported into the SLIDE framework.

With respect to the various effects you may want to incorporate into your project
and the amount of work you should plan to invest, please consult the score sheet.

The deliverables for your project consist of:

  • a working SLIDE program (obviously);
  • a representative screen shot, by which we can remember your project
  • a descriptive paragraph (100-200 words) that describes your special accomplishments

  •   (this paragraph and picture should remind us of your project and accomplishments when we do the grading
       and it may also form the basis of description of your project in any letter of recommendation that you may ask for).
  • a filled out score sheet with your own evaluation of what you have done
  • a real-time demonstration that the above is real and working -- during:
  • Demonstrations of Final Course Project:

    A sign-up form with 12-minute time slots on either of the two days will be made available in due time.

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