Daniel Seita

I am a computer science PhD student at the University of California, Berkeley. My current research interests are an eclectic mix of robotics, deep learning, and machine teaching. I am particularly interested in developing robotic systems for deployment in complex, unstructured environments. I am extremely fortunate to be advised by John Canny. I am also very privileged to be part of the AUTOLAB. I am generously supported by a National Physical Science Consortium fellowship (from 2015 to 2021), funded through the National Security Agency.

You can reach me at seita@cs.berkeley.edu. I frequently blog about technical (and non-technical) topics, and push code on GitHub.

News and Updates

Preprints and Publications

If a paper is on arXiv, that's where you can find the latest version.

Coursework and Teaching Assistantships

I've taken a number of graduate courses as part of the PhD program at UC Berkeley. I also write reviews, which might be helpful for those thinking about taking future iterations of these classes. I was also the GSI (i.e., Teaching Assistant) for the Deep Learning class in Fall 2016. At the time I took it, UC Berkeley had an oral preliminary exam requirement for PhD students. Here's the transcript of my prelims. Nowadays, it seems like there's a written exam, since the number of AI PhD students has skyrocketed.


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