Templates for scribe notes to be used in CS 270, fall 2001

These excellent templates were painstakingly put together by Luca Trevisan.  We thank him for allowing us to use them.

When writing scribe notes, you should use our templates.

Scribe notes for a Tuesday lecture are due at the end of the week on Friday. Notes for a Thursday lecture are due the following Monday.

Here are some guidelines:

  • Please include only the .tex, .eps and .bib files that you write when submitting scribe notes. Don't include the .tex and .sty templates that we provide.
  • When indicating the time last modified in the scribe notes header please use \today.
  • If you are the scribe for lecture n then call the file "lecturen.tex".

  • Below are the steps to getting the templates installed on your computer, which should hopefully have the most recent version of Latex installed.
    1. Copy all of the files you find here to a suitable directory on your computer.
    2. (Optional) Add that directory to your TEXINPUTS environment variable so that Emacs can find the .STY files it needs.  Otherwise, executing latex at the command prompt should work.
    3. Look at the example ("lecture3.tex") and howto ("howto.tex") included, which should be self-explanatory.
    That should be about it!  If you encounter any problems, just send me (Satish Rao) an email.