Basic Image Processing Demos

Basic Image Processing Demos (for EECS20)

These are (MATLAB programmed) demos showing some basic image processing filters: thresholding, Gaussian filter, and Canny edge detector. MATLAB codes and correspondent demo results of each filter are given below. If you want to run them by yourself, you should download these codes and just save them as .m files or functions(if you know how to use MATLAB, it is very easy). Of course, you could then try them on the other (gray) images you have other than lena.

All the images in the demos are gray images. But they might show a little different on different browsers (depending on your machine). If they show strange on your computer, please try to use "xv" instead, or some other image viewing software. The best way is that you use the given codes to do experiments with MATLAB by yourself.

By slightly modifying these given MATLAB programs, one can achieve more complicated task: such as edge detection of noisy images (You have to wipe off the noise as much as possible before using Canny edge detector, right? How to do that? Yes, choose a plausible Gaussian filter).

This document is made by Ma,Yi. Please send your comments to: mayi@robotics.eecs.

April 6th, 1996