University of California at Berkeley
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

Linear System Theory

Fall Semester 2013

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Lecture Information: TuTh 9.30-11, 240 Bechtel
Section Information: F 11.30-1.30, 240 Bechtel
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Course Description

This course provides an introduction to the modern state space theory of linear systems for students of circuits, communications, controls and signal processing. In some sense it is a second course in linear systems, since it builds on an understanding that students have seen linear systems in use in at least some context before. The course is on the one hand quite classical and develops some rather well developed material, but on the other hand is quite modern and topical in that it provides a sense of the new vistas in embedded systems, computer vision, hybrid systems, distributed control, game theory and other current areas of strong research activity.

Topics include:

It is recommended that students have previously taken a linear algebra course (MATH 110 or equivalent).








Recommended Reading
Systems: Algebra: Analysis: