Intelligent Control Architectures for Unmanned Air Vehicles Home Page

PI: Shankar Sastry
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences,
Director, Electronics Research Laboratory
Co-PI Jitendra Malik
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences,
University of California, Berkeley

Administrative POC

Peter Ray
Address: 253 Cory Hall
Electronics Research Laboratory, University of California,
Berkeley CA 94720-1774
Phone: 510-643-8425
Fax: 510-643-8426

Other Key Investigators

Datta Godbole
John Lygeros
Joao Hespanha
Bruno Sinopoli
Omid Shakernia
Jian Bo Shi

PI's (co-PIs) Office: 269M Cory Hall, (7XX Soda Hall)
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley CA 94720-1770.
PI's (co-PIs) Phone: (510) 642-7200 (642-7597)
Fax: (510) 642-1341
PI's (co-PI's) Email: sastry(malik@cs)

Research Proposal

 * HTML version of our proposal to DARPA's BAA 98-16

Papers Published on the Project

 * First Year Progress Report (postscript format), March 1998
 * Raja Sengupta, Diagnosis and Communication in Distributed Systems, In Proceedings of WODES98 (Workshop on Discrete Event Systems, Calgiari, Italy,July 1998).
 * J. Lygeros, C. Tomlin, S. Sastry, "Hybrid Control Synthesis", CDC98 (link to be filled in)
 * T. J. Koo, D. H. Shim, O. Shakernia, B. Sinopoli, Y. Ma, F. Hoffmann, S. Sastry, Hierarchical Hybrid System Design on Berkeley UAAV Submitted to International Aerial Robotics Competition, Richland, Washington, USA, August 1998
 * H. Shim, T. John Koo, F. Hoffman, S. Sastry, < A Comprehensive Study on Control Design of Autonomous Helicopter , Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Dec. 1998, Orlando.

On-line copies of Project Talks

 * Kickoff Presentation, Stanford, October 1997 (Postscript Format)
 * Site Visit presentation, Berkeley, March 1998 (Power Point Format)
 * First Year Review presentation, Los Angeles, July 1998 (Power Point Format)

Experimental Testbed

Multiple flying helicopters (flying aerial robots or "aerobots") will be used as the experimental test bed for this project. The support for the test bed and related research comes from an ARO MURI project An Integrated Approach to Intelligent Systems .
The homepage for BErkeley AeRobots is care of John Koo , and a large team, under the acronym of BEAR .

Current Scientific Personnel on Project

 * Shankar Sastry
 * Jitendra Malik
 * Datta Godbole
 * John Lygeros,
 * Joao Sousa,
 * Omid Shakernia
 * Bruno Sinopoli,
 * Jian Bo Shi
Shankar Sastry ( / August 1998