CS 276: Cryptography (Fall 2018)


Instructor: Sanjam Garg. 
Time & Location: 12:30--1pm, Tuesdays, Soda 320; and 2--3:30pm, Friday, Soda 310. 
Office Hours: Just drop by my office after class or fix an appointment (by email).
Prerequisites: CS 170 or equivalent. (Exposure to undergraduate level algorithms and probability, maturity with mathematical proofs)

Focus: The focus of this class will be the theoretical foundations and applications of modern cryptography.

For undergraduate students: 

GradingHomeworks - 20%, Midterm I - 25%, Midterm II - 25%, Final/Project 30%

Graduate Student Instructor: Akshayaram Srinivasan

Course Notes and Plan: See Piazza

Reference Material:


There is no required textbook for the course and lecture notes on essentially everything that will be covered can be found online and will be scribed as part of the class. However, following can be excellent reference material.