Sam Wong

Email: name here).edu

I am a graduate student at UC Berkeley in the Theory group, where I have the fortune to be advised by Christos Papadimitriou. Before coming here I spent five wonderful years at MIT to earn my BS/MEng, working with Michel Goemans.

I hold a broad interest in algorithms & complexity, and their connection to related areas. In the past I have worked on:


A Faster Cutting Plane Method and its Implications for Combinatorial and Convex Optimization

(with Yin Tat Lee and Aaron Sidford)


Two-sided Online Bipartite Matching and Vertex Cover: Beating the Greedy Algorithm

(with Yajun Wang)

ICALP 2015

Multiplicative Bidding in Online Advertising

(with MohammadHossein Bateni, Jon Feldman, Vahab Mirrokni)

EC 2014

Improved Algorithms for Vertex Cover with Hard Capacities on Multigraphs and Hypergraphs

(with Wang Chi Cheung and Michel Goemans)

SODA 2014