The BAT Project

The Bat project, completed in 1997, was aimed at investigating the feasibility of real-time decision-theoretic algorithms for vision-guided automated intelligent vehicles. Bat stands for Bayesian Automated Taxi.

Bat is funded by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) as part of the PATH (Partners for Advanced Transit and Highways) initiative. The PATH Project is an exciting state wide collaboration to develop the next generation of intelligent vehicle highway system (IVHS) technology.

We also have a joint project with colleagues in Michigan, home of the auto industry, with whom we collaborate on aspects of Bat technology.

One of these days, when one of us has a lot of spare time, we hope that you will be able to see movies of the Bat, or even play with our Bat simulator in real time!

We have an overview paper on the Bat project that we have written for IJCAI95.
Some links you may find interesting:

 * Southern California Traffic Report

The Bat team:

Jeff Forbes
Tim Huang
Keiji Kanazawa
Archie Russell

Principle Investigators:

Professor Stuart Russell, UC Berkeley Computer Science
Professor Michael Cassidy, UC Berkeley Civil Engineering