• 1) The blue cuts are made first to trim the workpiece and create a fold line.
  • 2) Fold along the centerline and put a tiny bit of glue between the sides to hold them together.
  • 3) Cut the red (flexure) lines in the folded workpiece, remove it from the laser and unfold it.
  • 4) Cut the green lines in 50 micron polyester film.
  • 5) Cut the pink lines in 75 micron film.
  • 6) Coat the inner faces of the workpiece with glue stick.
  • 7) Lay the 50 micron film over one of the inner faces. Where the two rectangular holes are in the 50 micron film, lay 2 of the rectangles cut from the 75 micron film in step 4.
  • 8) Fold it back up and apply some pressure (we use a laminator, but a roller will probably work fine), realign it in the laser, and cut the black lines.