01q Thorax: 1-wing, 2-DOF

Completed Aug 2001. Status: Still functional

Isometric view of 01q


Model 01q is the first model designed for modular mounting onto either the flight mill or the body force sensor.
An oversized airframe (17mm long prism w/ equilateral triangular x-section, 12mm on a side) was built for easier mounting of the piezos. Oversized piezos were also used, resulting in an overall mass of roughly 410mg. When mounted on the flightmill, driving the wing with pulses from 0-50V, with 50% duty cycle and a phase lag of 90 degrees (top actuator leading), the resulting "resonant frequency" was 172 Hz and generated a circumferential "thrust" force of 41uN (measurement was based on estimates of rotational inertia when mounted on flightmill and angular acceleration; a normal force was also clearly present but this was more difficult to estimate).

Schematic showing design dimensions

Fabrication Parameters

  • 4-bar link lengths (shown in orange): 6.6mm, 6mm, 6mm, 1mm
  • Slider crank attachment point (blue/orange intersection): 1mm??
  • Wing inertia: 20 mg-mm^2??
  • Actuators: 135um?? x 5mm x 5mm PZN-PT (red), 75um?? x 5mm x 8mm steel (green)


    (needs Quicktime .mov viewer)
    Isometric View
    Top View