1 DOF 01b-thorax
completed March 2001


First one DOF 4 bar test structure to test new 5x1 mm PZN-PT actuators. Combined 6 um flexures
for low parallel stiffness. Inadequate output motion. Perhaps inadequate actuator mounting?

1) Date of fabrication
        Jan 2001; attached wing and PZN-PT actuator Mar 2001.
2) Dimensions of structure?
        (same as 01alpha)
        6 um polyester flexures, slider crank attachment 1.5 mm
        4 bar dimensions: 6,6,6,0.5 mm, T=.007 rad/um
        calliphora wing attached on output spar
3) Actuation parameters
4) Resonant Frequency
        80 Hz, Q=6, with no wing
        79 Hz, Q=2.2 with calliphora wing, max angle = 30 degrees
        37 Hz, Q=6, with 1.2mg at end of wing, J>100 mg-mm^2
5) Amplitude of motion
        DC motion 8 degrees, 45 degrees @37 Hz
6) Tests performed, duration of testing and mode of failure (if applicable)
        stopped working on 3/10/01 with very small DC/AC amplitude,
        perhaps depolarized?
        Actuator arced at 350 volts Aug. '01
7) Cross flexures employed at base link.
8) Status
        PZN-PT has visibile crack 0.5 mm from base. Actuator
        probably repairable.