Gecko-Inspired Adhesives Links

(please email if you would like your work referenced on this web page)

  • Prof. Metin Sitti, CMU

  • Prof. Mark Cutkosky, Stanford University

  • Prof. Kim Turner, UCSB polymer fibers on MEMS structures

  • Old: Dept. Arzt, Max Planck Institut, Stuttgart
    New: Prof. Dr. Eduard Arzt, INM -Leibniz Institute for New Materials
    Dr. Elmar Kroner, INM

  • Prof. Anand Jagota, Lehigh

  • Nanyang Technological University

  • Prof. Dhinojwala, Univ. of Akron

  • Prof. A. Geim, Univ. of Manchester

  • Dr. J. Berengueres at Tokyo Institute of Technology

  • Prof. K.Y. Suh, Seoul National University

  • Prof. Bharat Bhushan, Ohio State University

  • Prof. Carlo Menon, Simon Fraser University

  • Prof. Huajian Gao, Brown University

  • Professor Zhenhai Xia, Univ. North Texas

    Research on biology of gecko adhesion (very incomplete)

  • Prof. Kellar Autumn, Lewis and Clark College

  • Prof. Anthony Russell, Univ. of Calgary

  • Prof. Walter Federle, Cambridge

  • Dr. Peter Niewiarowski, Univ. of Akron

    Companies working on gecko inspired adhesives

  • Nano Grip Tech LLC

    Old Links

  • Prof. Arun Majumdar, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, UCB Carbon nanotube based.