Construction of Some Useful Linkages

Sarrus linkage
4-Bar Linkage
5-Bar Linkage
Folded Sarrus linkage picture
4-Bar Picture
5-Bar Picture

Sarrus Linkage

The Sarrus linkage represents a way to achieve limited but exact straight line motion from a combination of flexure (or revolute) joints.  A SolidWorks® depiction of how this linkage works is shown below.  Here, the right solid rectangle slides linearly back and forth with respect to the left solid rectangle.

depiction of the sarrus linkage in motion

Although inherently 2D in nature, this linkage can still be constructed from the basic kit parts of links and flexure elements as shown below and then folded into its final configuration.
construction of sarrus linkage

4-Bar Linkage

construction of a 4-bar linkage

5-Bar Linkage

construction of a 5-bar linkage