Romain Lopez


PhD student,
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science,
UC Berkeley
Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research
Center for Computational Biology
email: romain [underscore] lopez [at] berkeley [dot] edu

About me

I am a second Year Graduate Student at Berkeley in EECS advised by Michael I. Jordan and Nir Yosef.

A brief cv.

I received the B.S. and M.Sc. degrees in Applied Mathematics from Ecole polytechnique (France) in 2016 where I worked with Laurent Massoulie (Optimal stochastic control on random graphs). After several real-world experiences at Cardiologs (Time-series classification) and in Systems Biology, HMS with Allon Klein (Sparse Matrix Factorization), I decided to maintain this versatile orientation between theory and applications.


My research interests – centered around mathematical statistics, convex optimization and applications to machine learning – include