Medical Plan Benefits Away from Home

With sabbaticals, leaves of absence, furloughs, and vacations coming up, it is a good time for a review about seeking medical benefits outside your local service area, and options for changing plans.

If you will be traveling outside your Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan's -- Health Net, Kaiser, PacifiCare, or Western Health Advantage -- service area for less than 60 days, you are covered for emergency services only. If you need to seek emergency services, you must notify your Primary Care Physician within 24 - 48 hours or as soon as is reasonably possible.
The following plans have emergency or travel kits which can be obtained by calling the plan's 800 number: Health Net (800-522-0088), Kaiser (800-464-4000), Pacificare (800-624-8822), or Western Health Advantage (888-227-5942).

If you are part of an HMO medical plan or Blue Cross PLUS and will be outside your plan's service area for at least 60 days, you may transfer to a plan that will cover you while you are away. Outside the United States, the CORE and Blue Cross PPO plans are available. If you will be in the United States, in addition to these two plans, the Kaiser plan is also available in some geographic locations.
(Check with Kaiser for Medical Center locations, 800-464-4000.)

If you have any questions about coverage or transferring plans, call the Benefits Unit at 642-7053.

Last updated 10/29/2003 by Jean Richter, richter@eecs.Berkeley.EDU