The Geological Wonderland of Kapadokya

fairy chimneysde-capped chimney
"Fairy Chimneys" (note the rooms carved into them)This chimney's lost its cap of hard volcanic rock
pigeon holesKapadokya pic
The original pigeon holes (roosts carved into the back wall of a room)Kapadokya's amazing volcanic rock formations
Ucisar pichouses in rock
The rock city of UçisarMore houses carved into the soft volcanic rock

The Rug Factory

rug maker picsilkworm cocoons
A rug maker demonstrating her craftGetting silk from the silkworm cocoons
rug showroomClare Bolfing
Showing the waresHangin' in the showroom (UCB EECS old-timers may recognize Clare Bolfing in this pic!)

More Sights in Kapadokya and Environs

the ceramics factorymore ceramics
Some of the wares in the Avanos ceramics factoryAnother of the many showrooms in the factory
shaft in underground citylunch break
Looking up the ventilation shaft in one of the underground citiesLunch at a truck stop on the way to Ankara

On to Amsterdam!

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